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Counseling Referrals
Professionals listed below are informed and friendly regarding topics of gender, sexuality and relationship diversity.

Prior Interns - Clinical contact information for graduates.
Jamie Smith, M.S., LCMHC State-of-NH, & Candidate for Licensure - VT

Jennifer C. Jones, M.S., Candidate for Licensure - NH
Erica Peck Counseling Services (Email for Intake Requests)

Kaitlin Wilson, M.S., Candidate for Licensure - NH
Enso Counseling Group
Concord NH 03301

Other Clinical and Counseling Referrals:
Desmond Stern, LCMHC - Psychology Today profile -  Individual & Group Counseling - Online LGBTQIA Group 

AASECT-Certified Clinical Treatment & Supervision  - Rhiannon Beauregard, LMFT - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (prescriber), Chris Farnworth, APRN
Hopeville Mental Health, Nashua NH & Telehealth, 508-709-5554

Specialty Topic Resources

LGBTQIA & Identity    -  Educational and certification resource

Desmond Stern, LCMHC - Psychology Today profile -  Individual & Group Counseling - Online LGBTQIA Group 

Book "Pretend We Live Here" by G. Hudson

Book "In the Dream House" by C. Machado

Book "Her Body and Other Parties by C. Machado

Docu Series "Pose"

Movie "Pride" 

Systemic Racism

Black Freedom Struggle in the U.S. Teaching and Historical Resources 

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources

Dear White Therapists - professional development for white therapists and other professionals  

Human Sexuality

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

NCSF Kink-Aware Professional Directory

Kinky Con NH

Tethered Together Convention

Shibari Study - Quality Safety and Skill Training 

Sarah's Listing with Kink Aware Professionals 

Kink Aware Professionals National Directory of Registered Providers 

Kink Guidelines for Clinicians 

Consensual Non-monogamy for Clinicians Brochure 

AASECT-Certified Clinical Treatment & Supervision  - R. Beauregard, LMFT - STI test result sharing app

Emotional Disorders

Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders

Current Version of UP Forms 

Eating Disorders

CBT-E Fairburn Oxford 

National Eating Disorders Association 

Life without Ed, J. Schaefer 

Eating Disorder Resources from Online MFT Organization 

Bipolar Disorder

Book "Odes to Lithium" by S.Erlichman