Supervision & Consultation

To make a payment, via PayPal, use the following link or use PayPal to send payment to Please be sure to include a note regarding what client, service and date the payment is for.

These are services Sarah offers time to time, on a case-by-case basis. Supervision and consultation may happen in-person at Sarah's office, at your office or online, dependent on requirements of individual programs or rules. See below for brief descriptions of the scope and cost of these services.

Clinical Supervision

For all levels of professional development, including new clinical supervisors.

Supervision may count toward: practicum, internship, candidacy or general clinical and/or supervisory skills. Ability for supervision to qualify toward a standard, an agreement must be in writing, and accepted formally by all necessary parties.


Initial Consult for Fit and Requirements: Pro-bono

Individual Supervision Toward University Credit: $75/hour. Minimum of one hour/week of semester.

Individual Supervision, Candidacy for Licensure, State of NH: $150/hour. Minimum of one hour/week with no more than four weeks off per year.

Individual Supervision, Ongoing Professional Development (includes those consulting regarding clinical treatment, and new supervisors): $100/hour. Minimum of one hour/month.

*Depending on Travel Requests, costs may vary.